Travel On Any Budget

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We all want to travel the world, but let’s be honest, our bank accounts are holding us back. Just because you can’t travel 24/7, doesn’t mean that you can’t treat you and your family to some R&R without going broke. Planning ahead, making smart travel decisions and building a budget are all ways to travel on a dime. While some of these tips are just small steps, even the smallest steps will make a difference to your bottom line.

Hunt for deals

Dreaming of a warm beach? Before booking the first place you see with a beach, check around to find the best deal. Companies like Groupon offer exclusive deals to resorts that are luxurious and affordable. Also, working with a travel agent can help you save money. They know the hookup on discounts and getting the most value out of your vacation. Best of all, they can put you on a payment plan so you don’t have to pay for the entire vacation up front.

Carry it on

We’ve all been there. You’re packing for a weekend trip and end up bringing outfits for a month. Not only do you not want to carry all of this around, you’re costing yourself money. Scale down your packing and fit everything into one carry-on suitcase. Airlines usually charge $25 – $50 just to check your bags. Meaning a family of four will have to pay at least $100 each way just to get your bags to and from your destination. Map out your itinerary and pack more precisely to save your money to spend on your vacation, not getting there.

Buy tickets In advance

This isn’t a new tip. Buying tickets way in advance is one of the simplest ways to lessen your travel costs. If you know you are going to be traveling around the holidays or sometime in the fall, purchase your tickets after August 22nd. Ticket prices fall when summer is over and families are getting back to a routine. Traveling in January and February are also great times to book lower fares as those are not busy travel months. Unsure when you should be booking your tickets? A good rule of thumb is six weeks in advance for the best pricing.

Bring snacks on board

Yes you read that right! If you didn’t know, now you know. You can bring food aboard the airplane with you from home. Next time you go to the airport, don’t forget to grab your snacks before leaving the house. Food inside airport terminals gets expensive; choose to save major cash. Even if you aren’t flying bring snacks with you on a road trip. We all need to eat while traveling so why not save money while doing it.

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