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California online payday loans – no hard credit check required

A few extra dollars can go a long way for people who find themselves in a bind. If you need cash before you receive your next pay check, consider an online payday loan from a reputable company. At Net Pay Advance, we have a friendly team here to help you get the money you need. We work with people that have good credit, bad credit, and even no credit. There is no hard credit check for our services! Our customers choose to borrow from Net Pay Advance when they want quick and secure funds deposited directly into their bank account within the next business day.

Borrowing $100 costs $17.65. This one-time fee will not change so long as the payment is made on or before the due date. A returned item fee may be added if payment is not made on time. This fee may sound expensive at first, but compare it to an overdraft fee. It is common for people to rack up over $100 in overdraft fees without being informed of what has happened. A payday advance is one way to avoid expensive overdraft fees.

We’ve helped thousands of customers in Los Angeles, whether they’ve lived near the Getty Center, Santa Monica pier, or even elsewhere in the city. Wondering how we determine if an application is approved? We do not consider your credit score during the application process. Lenders all across the city use different approval methods. Our customers must have the following:

  • Applicants must have a bank account in their name that has been opened and active for at least 30 days

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old

  • Applicant’s address must be in a location where we are licensed to operate (we are licensed for operation in Los Angeles)

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Choosing a California licensed direct lender

Our customers choose Net Pay Advance over other payday advance options. We are a state-licensed direct lender. What does this mean? When you apply with us, you lend with us. Your information is only submitted to our company. We make the lending process easy, simple, and secure.

When you work with a direct lender, like Net Pay Advance, we work with you through every step of the process. You fill out our application, located on our website, and we review it. If approved, we directly deposit your money into your bank account on the very next business day. When your payment is due, you will submit payment directly to us. Access your account any time by logging in. Since we work with you directly, our representatives can answer any questions you may have throughout the entire loan process. Call us at 888-942-3320. Our friendly team is here for you. Our process is as easy as a walk in the Griffith Park.

We are a direct lender. Some other lenders out there are indirect lenders. When you apply on an indirect lender’s website, they send out your information to a bunch of other companies! You will likely receive a lot, and we mean a lot, of messages from these lenders! In addition, this puts your personal information at risk. You may have no way of knowing who has access to things like your social security number, name, or address.

We take security importantly at Net Pay Advance. We take several steps to ensure your personal information is kept safe. We implement strong security software. In addition, we handle all private information with care. Working with a state-licensed lender, like Net Pay Advance, is also safer because we are held to higher compliance standards at both the state and federal level. In the state of California, it is illegal for a payday lender to exceed $300 in fees (including applicable fees). Any company in California that offers a payday advance over $300 is lying.

Wondering if a company is a state-licensed lender? Check their website. Most state-licensed lenders will happily share that information on their website. You can also call their customer service team and ask them for more information on their license. If they are unable to provide more information, then you should move on and find a new lender.

Lend with Net Pay Advance to ensure that you are working with a California state-licensed direct lender. It is the smart consumer choice.

Would you like to lend with a state-licensed direct lender? Apply now with Net Pay Advance.

California payday lending rates & terms

California Rates and Terms

Net Pay Advance, Inc. is an approved short-term lender in the state of California. View License →

Governing Law for California

The loan agreement will be governed by the applicable laws.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount for California residents will be $255.00.

Fees and Charges

Your loan fee will be $17.65 per $100 borrowed.

Loan Lengths

Typically your loan will be due on the next day you are paid that falls between 7 and 31 days away. If your pay dates fall outside of these ranges, your loan will be due in 31 days.

Pay Off

In accordance with California law, your loan must be paid in full on the due date. Early payoff requests must be received by 6:00 PM Pacific time one day prior to your due date. Principal Amount and Finance Charge Table →

Additional Information

Net Pay Advance cannot use the criminal process against a consumer to collect on any deferred deposit transaction. California law only allows each consumer to have one loan with Net Pay Advance at a time.

When to apply for an online payday loan in Los Angeles, CA

Maybe you have an unexpected emergency like a home or auto repair. Consider an online short-term lender when you need fast cash. It is true that loans like this may be an expensive option. Cash advances should be used differently than other types of funds. You will want to make the most of it, and then pay the full balance back on time.

You can make the most out of your online payday loan by using it for emergency expenses. Smart consumers might use it for rent or mortgage. They may use it for a car payment or repair. Buying necessary food and groceries is another smart way to use personal loans. Unexpected time-sensitive fees are another reason people might get a payday loan. They might be able to avoid an expensive NSF fee for a bounced check, or even a large overdraft fee for insufficient funds.

There is a California law that pay advance lenders may only charge up to $300. At Net Pay Advance, you can borrow up to $255. At your next payday, you will be required to pay back the full amount as well as the $45 fee. At this time there is no limit to the number of different payday loan companies you may borrow from at one time in the city of angels. Nonetheless, we still recommend only applying for the money that you need.

There are several things a person can do to keep the costs low for payday loans. Pay back the amount borrowed as soon as possible. Paying your loan back on time allows a person to avoid potential late fees. If you think you will miss your payment by a day or two, it is possible to extend your due date by up to three days for free. Change your due date by logging into your account online. We can help you avoid collection activity by offering an Extended Payment Plan. If a payment is missed, you can still work with our company to keep the account in good standing. We even offer a payment plan that can break up the total amount due into smaller amounts. You can log in to your account at www.netpayadvance.com/Pages/Login.aspx to set up a payment plan, or you can call our team for assistance with the process.

We also provide benefits to our loyal customers. Feel like you’re walking down a Hollywood red carpet with our VIP program. Customers with a solid re-payment history can have access to discounts on fees. You save money when you only lend with Net Pay Advance. Our happy customers are also able to take advantage of our 20/20 Referral Program by sending their unique referral code to friends or family. If your friend is approved, you can make $20, and your friend can save 20% on fees! There are more benefits than just money. When you work with Net Pay Advance, you can rest assured that your personal information stays safe. When you jump around from provider to provider, you risk sending your information to an unreputable business. Working with a lot of different lenders increases your risks of identity theft and fraud.

We try to keep our procedures and operations simple and secure for you. Apply now today and see why more than 5,000 happy customers have chosen Net Pay Advance. You too can experience the VIP difference.

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