Tailgate Like a Professional

people sitting on the back of a truck bed tailgating

With fall comes back to school, with back to school comes football and with football comes tailgating! Make this tailgate season the best one yet while sticking to your budget. From the food to the outfits, spending every weekend watching your team play can get expensive. This tailgating season make it a priority to celebrate on a budget. You can have a lot of fun without hurting your wallet!

Shared parking pass

Parking passes are expensive, but there is a way to make it more affordable for everyone. Buy one parking pass for your entire group and split the price between everyone. Since there is only one spot for a car, everyone who pitched in to the one spot can rotate who parks there each week. Everyone else can find parking a little further away from the stadium for free. Or you can all carpool together. Enjoy the perks of a parking spot without the big price tag!

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat)

If you are hosting a tailgate or going to a grill-out, bring your own meat to cook on the grill. If you are the one hosting the tailgate tell your family and friends they have to bring their own meat to cook or at the very least contribute to the grocery list. You won’t be in charge of providing food for everyone and will save money. This also ensures you are getting the food you want.

Pot luck

Save big and host a potluck for your next tailgate. Not only will you be saving money, but everyone you invite to the tailgate will also be saving money. A potluck is a perfect way to feed multiple people on a budget. Ask each of your attendees to bring a dish to share and you will have endless amounts of food to enjoy during the tailgate. Your attendees will thank you afterwards for helping them save some extra cash, too.

Park further away

So you don’t want to split a parking pass, but you still want to go enjoy the game. You can still enjoy a good tailgate, just further from the stadium. There will be free (or less expensive) parking farther from the stadium. Enjoy your own tailgate with the other groups that didn’t purchase a parking pass. Choose the free parking with only a short walk.

Team apparel

Support your team without buying expensive clothes. Check local thrift stores to find team apparel. If you don’t find anything at the thrift store, keep an eye on surplus sales at sporting goods stores. Many times if you wait till the right time you can find your team’s gear for more than half off! Also, you could wear something that you already have that is your team’s colors without buying something new at all. Jazz it up with a fun temporary tattoo of your team’s mascot.

Cul-de-sac tailgate

Can’t make it to the game? No worries! Tailgate in your cul-de-sac and invite all your neighbors. You can’t still enjoy the game from home. Host a pot luck and watch the game from your garage. You don’t always have to be at the game to have fun; you can do it from home!

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