Affordable Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July. Get the Most Bang for Your Buck.

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The Best Independence Day ideas for 2020. Stay safe and save money this Fourth of July.

Wondering how to celebrate July 4th this year? If you are worried about your safety or finances this July, this this the guide for you. Here are several affordable Fourth of July ideas that allow for social distancing. You can have fun this Independence Day, while still keeping your family healthy. Here are several budget friendly ideas for July 4th, 2020.

Fun firework displays

Firework displays at home can get expensive fast. It can be incredibly expensive, especially when you purchase the biggest and best fireworks. This year skip doing fireworks by yourself. Let someone else spend the money on a big firework display!

See if your city has any events happening. A lot of cities are having to cancel their Fourth of July events for health concerns. Others are canceling the event, but still holding a fireworks show. The great thing about firework shows are that you can watch them from far away. It is easy to spread out across the city. You do not have to worry about social distancing for a fireworks display. All you have to do is find the perfect place to watch from, where there are not a lot of other people. You might be able to watch the show even from the window of your home or apartment. You might be able to watch from an empty park, or even near a river. Find an open spot with a good view and put out your lawn chairs.

If your city is not doing a large fireworks display, reach out to your neighbors. You could all do a social distance fireworks display. You could all buy a few fireworks, and then take turns lighting them off, going one house at a time. You should all be able to watch the show from your respective driveways. Instead of only enjoying your family’s fireworks, now you get to watch a neighborhood show. It can help cut costs for everyone, while still getting a larger bang for your buck. Yes, pun intended. If a majority of your neighborhood prefers a quieter evening, see if you could organize a neighborhood parade instead. Work on homemade floats, or even posters. A neighborhood parade can be a lot of fun, especially for kids.

Enjoy less expensive fireworks

If you insist on doing some sort of fireworks at home, stick to the cheaper fireworks. Use sparklers! You can get a pack of 72 sparklers for around $8. With 72 sparklers, there is a lot of fun to be had. Sparklers also make for great pictures, so grab your camera and capture an awesome Independence Day memory.

Make your own outfit

Want your outfit to be just as festive as your celebration? You do not have to go out and buy a whole new outfit. Instead, look deep into your closet. Many times, you can piece together a cute outfit with pieces you already own. If you do not own anything that matches a Fourth of July theme, you might have to get crafty. Take old pieces of clothing you do not wear anymore and turn them into festive Independence Day gear. Cut up old jeans into shorts or take red and blue paint to a white shirt. The options are endless when it comes to refreshing old clothing. For more ideas, check out this website.  

BBQ at home

A barbecue pairs perfectly with Fourth of July. However, hosting a party can be risky. You have no way of knowing if you, or one of your guests are currently sick. Instead of holding a traditional July 4th party or BBQ, you could organize a social distance block party. Throw a block-wide block party. Drag your grill out to the front of your house and start cooking. Let your kids play in the driveway or front lawn of your home. Participate in the block party your own way. Sit in your lawn chair outside and socialize with neighbors from a distance. Bring out the kiddie pool for your kids. Play music using this Independence Day playlist with music for everyone. A block-wide block party allows everyone in your neighborhood to go outside and socialize, while still staying safe.

If a block-wide block party does not sound fun to you, you could stay home and spend time with family instead. Prepare a barbecue at home for the family members that you live with. Make the same dishes you normally would, but in smaller portions. You can still have the same delicious food and experience you would normally have, just with fewer people. Save leftovers for the next day. With both of these BBQ ideas, you can save a lot of money. With both the block-wide block party and the at-home BBQ dinner, you only have to pay for food for your family. Instead of hosting a party for a lot of people, you only have to cover the expenses of your own family. It can help save you a lot of money.

Take the family camping

Are you lucky enough to have a three-day weekend this year? Do not feel like you have to give up the opportunity to go on a trip this year. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to take the family on a trip, you could go camping instead. You have the opportunity to make a lot of memories with the family. The Fourth of July weekend is a great time to go camping, especially in 2020. Since your campsite is practically in the middle of nowhere, you do not have to worry about getting sick. You do not have to think about face masks or social distancing for a few days. If you are new to camping, we have a super informative video on the subject. Watch Important Simple Tips for First Time Campers for some great camping tips. Imagine watching the stars or making smores at a campfire with your family this weekend.

What are you doing this Fourth of July weekend to save money? Comment below and share. 

This article was originally posted in 2017, but has since been updated for 2020.

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