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No credit check to qualify for an online payday loan in California

No credit? Bad credit? Poor credit? No problem. Net Pay Advance understands that our customers are looking for quick and secure cash without the stress of a credit check. However, this benefit means that the way we operate has to be a little bit different. Most notably, fees for our products are a little higher than products that cater to those with high credit scores.

What does "a little higher" mean? We charge $17.65 per $100 borrowed as our fee. This typically shakes out to borrowing $255 and repaying $300 on your due date, meaning you pay $45 to use our services. These fees are one-time per loan and don't change throughout the loan unless a payment isn't made then a returned item fee can be applied. While this may sound expensive to the borrower, this is a much less expensive option to bank overdraft fees that are accrued each time a charge is overdrawn, meaning you could have over $100 in just bank overdraft fees before you realize you're overdrawn.

So if we're not using a credit score to qualify applicants for a loan, what do lenders use to approve payday loans in California? The long and short answer is that all lenders have varying methods of what constitutes an approval for their business; however, there are some general guidelines that are consistent across all lenders which can be found on the list below.

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Why choosing a California-licensed direct lender is important

Choosing a state-licensed direct lender for your online payday loan in California is the right choice. Why? Two words: personal security. State-licensed direct lenders like Net Pay Advance service the loan from application to repayment. That means the information provided on your application stays in one place. The purest definition of direct lending is a "transfer of funds from the ultimate lender to the ultimate borrower." To put this into context with an example; someone completes and submits the payday loan application at www.netpayadvance.com, they are approved and funded by Net Pay Advance within one business day, and then when their loan is due they submit payment by logging into their account.

See the connection? Every piece of the loan process is serviced by Net Pay Advance. Customers who are looking for assistance call 888-942-3320 and speak with a live Net Pay Advance representative. We have your back throughout the entire process.

What does this mean for you, the borrower? Well, firstly that you're working with one company. Applying with an indirect lender means that your application information is sent to a group of lenders who have an opportunity to earn your business. This sounds great, but for the person applying it means that they are going to start receiving a lot, and we mean a lot, of communications from varying lenders offering their services. While this might sound like you have the opportunity to receive more money, this doesn't mean approval and also runs the risk of your information getting into the hands of a fraudulent company.

Direct lenders are important because they are held to higher compliance standards at both the state and federal levels. Some loan providers might boast loans up to $1500 in California. This is false. According to California state legislature, it is illegal for a payday loan to exceed $300 including any applicable fees. Other ways to identify state-licensed direct lenders in California is to look for clues on their website. State-licensed lenders like to show off their status by putting that information front and center on their website. Also, another great way to identify these lenders is if their website provides a phone number to speak with a customer service representative. Even if they provide a phone number, you can always call and ask for more information about their licenses.

Using a state-licensed direct lender in California for your online payday loan is the best choice for the smart consumer.

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California payday lending rates & terms

California Rates and Terms

Net Pay Advance, Inc. is an approved short-term lender in the state of California. View License →

Governing Law for California

The loan agreement will be governed by the applicable laws.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount for California residents will be $255.00.

Fees and Charges

Your loan fee will be $17.65 per $100 borrowed.

Loan Lengths

Typically your loan will be due on the next day you are paid that falls between 7 and 31 days away. If your pay dates fall outside of these ranges, your loan will be due in 31 days.

Pay Off

In accordance with California law, your loan must be paid in full on the due date. Early payoff requests must be received by 6:00 PM Pacific time one day prior to your due date. Principal Amount and Finance Charge Table →

Additional Information

Net Pay Advance cannot use the criminal process against a consumer to collect on any deferred deposit transaction. California law only allows each consumer to have one loan with Net Pay Advance at a time.

Using a payday loan effectively in California

Getting a payday loan quickly and simply is one thing, but utilizing your payday loan effectively is another. It's no secret that short-term financing can be an expensive option and funds obtained through direct payday lenders should be treated a little differently than other funds to make the most out of a traditionally more expensive loan. Secondly, due to California state regulations, the maximum amount of a single pay loan California residents are able to borrow is $255, totaling in $300 with the $45 loan fee. While there is no limit the number of open loans you can have from separate lenders, it's best to only apply for the total of funds that is absolutely necessary.

Funds obtained through a short-term online payday lender should be used for emergencies only. Rent/mortgage payments, car payments, car repairs and/or necessary maintenance, food/groceries are all great examples of a responsible way to use this money. Another great reason to use payday loan advance funds is to avoid NSF fees from bounced checks. Since the average fee for a $255 loan in California is $45 and the average overdraft fee for EVERY bounced transaction is on average $30 you could end up paying more in overdraft fees than you would on the expense of the loan so choosing an online payday loan could save you money while you're in between paychecks.

Paying back this loan as soon as you can is important in keeping the expenses down. Avoid potential late fees by making on-time payments or working with the company to keep your account in good standing to avoid collection activity. Two ways that Net Pay Advance helps their customers that are unable to make a payment on their due date is offering free, 3-day extensions which can be done by the user by logging into their account. In some circumstances, we can offer Extended Payment Plans before an account goes into Collections. Finally, if your account is past-due and does go to Collections, we offer free Promise-to-Pay (PTP) plans that allow you to pay back the balance over a series of payments in smaller amounts. Setting up a PTP means that Collection activity stops as long as payment plans are kept and can be set up by the user online by logging into their account.

Loyalty to one lender can have benefits. For instance, Net Pay Advance offers discounts on loan fees for customers that have a solid re-payment history. This means that the user can save money by using one lender rather than jumping from lender to lender. As is common with most businesses, loyalty has unseen rewards, too. Understanding their process, trusting their security, and avoiding the unknowns of working with a new business. Security and world-class customer service are two pillars that we have built our business upon and it's important for all our customers to know Net Pay Advance is here for them in their time of need.

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