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Installment Loan

Are you looking for something a little more long-term?


Repay your loan over a longer period of time with the Net Pay Advance Installment Loan product.


Same easy application, same great service that you've loved with the Single Pay Loan product, now on your terms.


Daily interest accrual means the faster you pay off your loan, the less you're paying.

Take advantage of benefits like no penalty for early repayment and the ability to earn higher future loan amounts.


Which loan is right for you?

Single Pay Loan

Available to residents of California & Texas.

Manage life's unexpected surprises,
get extra cash when you need extra help.

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Installment Loan

Available to residents of Texas only.

Give yourself more time to repay your loan,
with opportunities for higher amounts.

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Single Pay or Installment Loan?
The differences between a Single Pay Loan and an Installment Loan are:
Single Pay Loan
  • Available to residents of California and Texas
  • Your loan will be due on your next pay day that is 8 or more days away but no more than 31 days away. The due date is calculated based off the day your contract is generated.
  • The amount customers can become eligible to borrow varies by state. See Rates & Terms for more information.
  • No credit check
  • No collateral
  • Eligible for promotional discounts

Installment Loan
  • Available to residents of Texas only
  • Payments are scheduled over a period of 180 days with each payment including a reduction to your principal balance.
  • Customers can become eligible to borrow up to $1500.
  • No credit check
  • No collateral
  • Not eligible for promotional discounts

When utilizing any lending instrument it is always best to repay the loan in full as soon as possible.


(Available to residents of California and Texas)
(Available to residents of Texas only)
Eligible Amounts
$100 – $1200
$100 – $1200
Loan Term
7-31 days (before it must be rolled over or bought down
180 days – Paid back over several months
Payment Extension
3 days
5 days
Credit Check
No credit check
No credit check
Return Fee
Varies by state
Can you receive multiple return fees?
Yes, one for every returned ACH
Late Fee
Yes, $7.50 on the 11th day past due
Can you receive multiple late fees?
Yes, one for every statement that is more than 10 days late
Does the minimum payment decrease my principal balance (TX)?
How often will a payment be due?
Every payday
Every payday
Do we accept partial payments?
No, loan must be paid in full on the loan's due date.
No, you must pay at least the finance fee on the loan's due date.



Which loan is right for you?
There is a lot to think about when trying to determine which loan type is right for you:
  • How much cash do you need and how long will you need it? If it’s a smaller amount or just for a quick, small expenditure you might consider a payday loan. Larger amounts are more difficult to pay back so you might opt for an installment loan.
  • How will you make repayment? If you are borrowing a small amount and can pay it all back at once, payday loans may be perfect; but if it’s too much to pay back within a single pay period, installment loans with manageable payments might be the better option.
  • The type of loan you choose should be one that is workable for you. Take your time and determine the best option for you and your present financial situation. If you’re unsure do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help you determine which loan is best.