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To complete the bank verification for the bank account we have on file for you click on BANK VERIFICATION, click START BANK VERIFICATION, and follow the prompts:
• Type in the name of your bank
— If you have a prepaid card, use the name of the website that you go to for your online banking.
— As you begin typing you will see a list appear, click your bank’s name from the drop down list.
Bank verification

• Checkmark the two boxes to accept the terms and click NEXT.

• Type in the username and password that you use to log in to your online banking and click SUBMIT.

• A processing page will appear.

— You must keep this page loaded until you see COMPLETE.

— Once complete, you will receive a message advising you that the bank verification is complete, you can now close the window. The completed bank verification will be sent to us.
• You will receive an email with the decision on your loan.
If your bank has additional security (security questions or a security code), you will be prompted for this information.


If the system is not accepting the answer to your security question and/or you are not receiving the security code, please contact Customer Service during normal business hours at 888-942-3320 for alternate options.
If your online bank credentials are not recognized, you will see an error message in orange (located under the submit button).

After making the appropriate corrections, you can resubmit your bank verification. If you continue to see an error message, please contact Customer Service uring normal business hours at 888-942-3320 for alternate options.
If you are having issues with the bank verification, please contact Customer Service during normal business hours at 888-942-3320 for alternate options.
Q.  Why do you need my bank login?
A.  The bank login is used to communicate with your bank and obtain a read only bank statement so we can review your loan.

Q.  Do you see my login?
A.  No, we do not have access to any of the information that is typed in — the only thing we see is the statement once it comes through to our system.

Q.  Can you make changes to my bank account?
A.  No, we do not have access to your bank account — the only thing we receive once the bank verification is complete, is a read only bank statement.

Q.  Is this safe? I don’t trust it.
We understand your concern. This system was designed specifically to enhance your privacy and security. It operates at bank level security using the same 128-bit encryption as your bank. Username and passwords are never displayed, viewed, or stored. This is the safest, fastest, and most convenient way for you to submit your information so we can quickly review your loan request.





Once you reach the contract page you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand each loan document by placing a check mark in the associated box. Each document can be viewed by clicking READ FULL DOCUMENT. To finalize your acceptance of the contract you will type in your name and click SIGN DOCUMENTS.






California — The due date is listed on the Deferred Deposit Loan Agreement.

Texas — The due date is listed on the Loan Agreement, Promissory, Note & Security Agreement.


Your loan will be due on your next pay day that is 8 or more days away, but no more than 31 days away.
• If your next pay day is less than 7 days away (and the pay day after is more than 31 days away), your loan will be due 31 days from your application date.
— This means your loan could be due prior to your pay day. It is very important to look at the due date on your contract before signing. If the due date is too soon you will need to wait a couple of days to take out the loan.


Your due date can be extended up to 3 days. To extend your due date sign in, click CHANGE DUE DATE, select your new due date, click OK, sign the contract, click SAVE.

Changed due date

Change due date dropdown





If a change is requested that changes the terms of your original contract, you will need to sign a new contract to accept the change. This most often occurs when customers extend their due date or update their bank information while they have an open (unpaid) loan.





Samsung — simultaneously press the power button and home button.

HTC, LG, Motorla, Sony — press and hold the power button and the volume down.

Iphone 8 and before — press and hold the sleep/wake button and then the home button.

Iphone X — simultaneously press and hold the side button on the right side of the device and click the volume up button.
In the new message window, click the paperclip icon to add an attachment. From the drop-down folder browsing window, navigate and select the file(s) you wish to attach. Click the CHOOSE FILE button. You should then see your file(s) added to the body of your email message.





If you are in the middle of the application and move off of our website, we will save your place. Simply go back to using the same device — you will see a green bar at the top of the screen that says ‘We saved your place. Continue your application’. Click the bar, you will be directed to where you left off.

Easy Start
Account and Address
Debit Card
Bank Account
Amount Eligible
Military / Legal


List of Banks We Can and Can Not Use
Decisions are made by our underwriting system — this is a computer generated algorithm that makes decisions based upon information from your application, bank verification (if applicable), and pay day loan reports.





To request a new loan sign in, click REQUEST NEW LOAN, and follow the prompts.
• Loans approved before 5:55 PM PT will be available the next business day (holiday and weekend exceptions apply).





Q. Can I get my money same day like I can at Speedy Cash?
A.  Funding for your loan is sent electronically through your bank routing and account number. Customers approved before 5:55pm PT / 7:55pm CT will receive their funds the next business day (holiday and weekend exceptions apply).

Q. Can I go into Speedy Cash and pick up my deposit?
A.  Funds cannot be picked up at Speedy Cash.

Q. Do you offer more than $255? Do you offer installment or personal loans?
A.  $255 is the maximum amount that we are allowed to offer in the state of California. At this time we only offer pay day loans, be on the lookout for more products to come in the future!

Q. Speedy Cash said I was already approved for a loan with you and all I needed to do was call.
A.  We will take you through our own review process, with that being said we do our best to approve as many customers as possible. To review your loan request we will need you to submit an application. Simply click APPLY NOW and complete our short application process.

Q. Is Speedy Cash your sister company?
A.  We are a separate company from Speedy Cash.

Q. How do I apply? Do I have to submit an application? Speedy Cash said you already have my information.
A.  Unfortunately we do not access the information you have on file with Speedy Cash. To apply click APPLY NOW.

Q. Do I need access to the internet or a computer?
A.  Yes, you will need to submit our online application so your loan request can be reviewed.

Q. Do you have any physical store locations?
A.  No

Q. How will I get the money? Can I get it on my debit card?
A.  Funding for your loan is sent electronically through your bank routing and account number. Customers approved before 5:55pm PT/7:55pm CT will receive their funds the next business day (holiday and weekend exceptions apply). Funds can be sent as long as you have a routing and account number and the account you have accepts electronic deposits. We cannot fund loans to prepaid cards issued by social security, these accounts do not accept outside deposits.

Q. What if I don’t know my routing number?
A.  You will need to contact your financial institution for this information.

Q. Can I apply without a bank account?
A.  To apply for a loan you will need a bank or prepaid card with a routing and account number. We cannot fund loans to prepaid cards issued by social security, these accounts do not accept outside deposits.

Q. Can I apply with my Speedy Cash prepaid card?
A.  Yes, as long as you have the routing and account number and the account accepts outside deposits.

Q. How do I pay my loan back?
A.  The loan will automatically be deducted using the debit card we have on file on your due date. If we do not have a debit card on file or the card declines, the payment will be sent through your routing and account number.





Sign in, click MAKE PAYMENT, and follow the prompts.
Sign in, click PROFILE, click CARDS,type in your card information, and click SAVE.
4 Business Day Wait — If the payment is sent through your bank routing and account number it will take 4 business days for us to receive the result from the bank as to whether or not the payment cleared (day 1 of the 4 business days is the day the payment is sent).
How To Set Up Payment:
• On your due date you can pay the finance fee only, the finance fee plus an additional amount to be applied towards your principal balance, or you can pay the loan in full.

• If you would like to pay anything less than your full balance you will need to set up your payment online prior to your due date. If your payment is not set up we will automatically attempt the balance in full on your due date.

• Sign in, click SCHEDULE PAYMENT, type in the amount you want to pay in addition to the finance fee (if you do not want to pay extra type $0), click OK, confirm the payment amount, click OK, sign the contract, and click SAVE.





• To update your bank information we will need the routing number, account number, and debit card information for your new bank account.

• We will need to be able to verify direct deposit from your employer to your new bank account. If you do not have direct deposit we will need to see that you consistently deposit your pay check on your pay days.

• To verify this information we will have you complete an online bank verification. Once income from your employer is verified we will work to update your bank information.

• If you have switched your direct deposit to your new bank account but have not received a direct deposit yet we will need you to send proof the direct deposit has been switched to the new account.