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Sometimes, our bills overlap our pay cycles.

Chances are you’ve been there.

A bill comes due Wednesday, but you’re not paid until Friday — or worse, next week.

Other times, the unexpected happens.

Car breaks down and needs a costly repair. A medical expense pops up out of the blue.

Life happens. That’s perfectly normal.

At least four in every 10 Americans say they would struggle to cover a $400 emergency expense. Nearly seven in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.


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Rewriting the old model

You work every day. But you’re only paid every two weeks. 

The common pay cycle is outdated. 

Millions get paid twice a month. But the time in-between pay periods can be devastating. 

It’s true — speeding up the pay cycle could help Americans avoid crippling debt. 

Most people only need $250 to make ends meet. Why make them wait for it? 

That’s why we exist — to give you cash and put the control back in your hands. 

What we charge you

We want to maximize how well we help people, not maximize our profits. 

In San Diego, we charge $17.65 for every $100 borrowed. 

For a $255 loan, you pay $45. Nothing more is paid, as long as the loan is repaid on-time. 

Now, payday lenders sometimes get a bad rap for these fees. Some say the interest rates tied to payday loans are too high. They’re talking about APR, or annual percentage rate. 

Want to know more? Allow us to share the math. 

For a $100 loan taken out for 14 days, our APR is 460%. APR is the total cost of your loan expressed as a yearly rate. The rate will decrease if your loan term is longer, and increase if your loan term is shorter. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the game of percentages. But the reality isn’t percentages; it’s dollars. You see, APR is expressed as a yearly rate. But with a payday loan, you pay the fee in a matter of days — not over the course of a year. 

The math is simple. 

Bank fees are a nightmare. How we compare

Like we said before, payday lenders sometimes get a bad rap. This is usually derivative of the APR calculation. In California, regulations limit payday lenders 460% APR. 

Take a look at bank overdraft fees. America’s big banks charged $11.68 billion in these fees last year. 

A late fee or overdraft charge on the surface may appear smaller, but the truth is their fees are steep compared to a payday loan. Bank of America, one of the nation’s most popular banks, charges $35 per overdraft transaction, with a limit of four per day on a single account. A $35 fee on a single $100 transaction equates to an APR of 912%! 

The worst part is that overdrafts rarely stop at one transaction — and the bank imposes its fee for every single transaction that is overdrafted. If you were to have three overdraft transactions totaling $150, you would owe the bank $105 in overdraft fees at an APR of 1824.99%! 

How much your bank charges for an overdraft

Bank of America $35; $140 daily limit
JPMorgan Chase $34; $102 daily limit
Capital One $35; $140 daily limit
Citibank $34; $136 daily limit
U.S. Bank $36; $144 daily limit
Wells Fargo $35; $105 daily limit

Credit cards are a risky business

Carrying a balance on a credit card is a risky proposition. Quickly, a $250 balance carried over can snowball into thousands, with interest growing that number every day.

Debt carried over from one month to the next incurs interest charges. The average balance on a credit card is now $6,849 and costs an average of $1,162 in annual interest.

The reality is that people who use a credit card to pay for an emergency expense oftentimes fall into a spiral of debt problems that can be impossible to break free from. And, not everyone qualifies for a credit card. 

Why we exist

Three in four working Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. And while nearly seven in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, for 45% their savings is $0.  

Everyday people borrow from us to cover their expenses before their next paycheck comes. Then they pay us back when they’re next paid. 

Thousands join our community every day and break free from financial stress. 

When you lend with Net Pay Advance, you get the secure, trusted reliability of an organization recommended by 6,000-plus and counting

How a payday loan works in San Diego

You matter more than your credit score. 

Here’s what we know: A number of Americans have poor credit. Others have invisible credit or are credit unscorable, meaning there isn’t enough data to score them. To us, none of that matters. That’s right, we provide access to instant funds regardless of your credit score.

Instead, we will check that you meet a few qualifiers

Simple enough, isn’t it? 

Why you are limited to a specific loan amount

California regulates payday loans and sets a $255 loan limit. 

We proudly abide by these regulations as a state-licensed, trusted lender. And we do so for your betterment. 

We’re looking out for you. Our focus is to help you cover necessary expenses before payday, all the while keeping you out of debt. 

You may stumble upon a loan provider who promises loans up to $1,500 in California. But that should trigger a red flag. It’s illegal for a payday loan to exceed $300, including applicable fees, in California. Don’t buy any claim that suggests otherwise. 

We’re like you. We don’t like debt. That’s why we abide by these protections and lend you what you can cover. It’s all to safeguard you from debt. 

Pretty cool? We think so. 

We provide extra assurance with a 3-day extension 

Life happens. We get it. 

Sometimes, a few extra days would mean a world of difference. 

So we give you what banks and credit card companies don’t — a free, 3-day extension to pay back your loan. We like giving you extra assurance that you’re in the right place. 

Why we’re the right fit for you

We’re all under one roof

Using a direct lender, like Net Pay Advance, keeps everything — application, approval, and payment processes — all under one roof. That’s simple. We like things simple. 

Our customer service team can quickly answer any questions you have. Plus, you can easily sign in online to view your account information. Here you can submit a payment, view your loan agreement, find answers to common questions, and more. 

Questions? Call us at 888-942-3320 to speak with a live Net Pay Advance representative.

We keep your information safe

Working with a state-licensed direct lender like Net Pay Advance means your personal information is safe and secure. 

An indirect lender could forward your personal information — your name, address, and social security number, to name a few — to several loan companies. We don’t do that. 

With Net Pay Advance, your information stays with us and us alone. Our trained and experienced staff uses best-in-class security software to keep your information with us and nobody else. 

We help you help others

Our focus is and will always be to help people get the help they need, when they need it. 

We like helping people. You do, too. 

So we reward you when you help a friend. 

We give you a unique referral code that you can use to send to a friend or family member. If they borrow from us, we’ll give you andthem points redeemable for a discount — up to 20% off a future loan. 

You like discounts. We like discounts. 

So we give you more ways to earn them. 

Lots of points. Lots of opportunity. One awesome rewards program. 

We’re up-front with you with information you deserve to know

Unlike indirect or tribal lenders, Net Pay Advance is held to regulatory compliance standards at both the state and federal level. 

We list that information on our website and make it easy to see. Want more information about Net Pay Advance? We want you to. So call us, and we’ll be happy to share. 

Interested in the specifics? Here’s a look at our terms (the nitty gritty): 

California Rates and Terms

Net Pay Advance, Inc. is an approved short-term lender in the state of California.  → View our license

Governing Law for California

The loan agreement will be governed by the applicable laws.

Maximum Loan Amount 

The maximum loan amount for California residents will be $255.00.

Fees and Charges

Your loan fee will be $17.65 per $100 borrowed.

Loan Lengths

  • Typically your loan will be due on the next day you are paid that falls between 7 and 31 days away.
  • If your pay dates fall outside of these ranges, your loan will be due in 31 days.

Pay Off

In accordance with California law, your loan must be paid in full on the due date. Early payoff requests must be received by 6 p.m. Pacific Time, one day prior to your due date. 

→ View our principal amount and finance charge table

Additional Information

Net Pay Advance cannot use the criminal process against a consumer to collect on any deferred deposit transaction. California law only allows each consumer to have one loan with Net Pay Advance at a time.

Did we miss your question? 

If so, we’re happy to talk. Give us a call at 888-942-3320. 

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Words to the wise: Lending the right way

It’s no secret there’s a cost to short-term lending. 

California state Legislature regulates payday loans to a maximum amount. In total, you may be approved for up to $255, or $300 with a $45 fee. That price gets you access to your money and can help get you through challenging situations. 

There is no limit to the number of open payday loans one individual may have with separate lenders. But it’s best to only apply for the total funds you need, that way you guarantee you have the funds necessary to repay the loans when they are due.

There’s no limitations on what you can use a payday loan for. Commonly, our borrowers use their loan for car repairs or maintenance, medical bills, utility bills, and groceries, to name a few. 

Two lessons bear repeating: Borrow no more than you need and pay your loan back as quickly as you can. 

In any instance, communicate with us and we’ll work with you to find a solution — such as our Promise-to-Pay plan that allows you to pay your balance over a series of smaller payments, or our free three-day extension for payday loans. 

You and Net Pay Advance are a perfect match — let us show you why. 

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