Self-Care New Year’s Resolutions for an Improved Year

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The best New Year’s resolutions that focus on self-care

It is crazy to think that 2020 is almost over. It was a crazy year for a lot of people. Now that we are looking towards 2021, we worked together in the office to find some resolutions we would like to make (and keep) in the New Year. We welcome you to read through and find some inspiration with our own resolutions for yourself. Let us know what your personal goals are for 2021! Let us know what you want to happen in this next year! 

Saving more money 

The holidays end, and we find ourselves regretting most of our holiday purchases. Every year we feel stuck. We want to save more money so that when the next holiday season arrives, we do not have to work over time to pay the bills. Start the year off right by working on a budget.

Here is our number one tip on saving more money: create an easy to follow budget! Do not fret if you have not previously created a budget in the past. We have tips and tricks for you on how to make a budget and stick to it. We will talk about setting your first budget as well as how you can make small changes to keep with it. Small changes on your daily and weekly spending can result in BIG changes. You might be surprised how much money you can save in just one year’s time.

Reducing stress

This item can be difficult for some people. Sometimes work, life, and family can bring us stress. Things in our life can bring every day stress. However, there have been studies that show if you can manage to reduce your stress levels, your quality of life will improve along with it.

You do not have to cut stress out of your life entirely. Instead, take time to make sure that you are staying mentally healthy and happy. Give yourself and your mind a break every day. You could go for a walk around the block, or even you are your phone on silent when you are home with family. Even finding time to play a board game or watch a show or movie can help. These activities help decompress your mind. Doing this for an hour a day can help a lot.

Reading more

There is so much information in the world. It would be impossible to learn it all. Even the most successful and educated people in the world never stop learning. We are a human species. We were created to keep learning. There is new information each day.

Pick up a new book. It could be on a topic you want to learn more about. Maybe you want to start a small business on the side or maybe you want to become better at running, reading a chapter a day will help you gain the knowledge you desire, but also is a great way to exercise your brain. You could also open up a fictional book and read for fun. Fictional books and stories may not be packed with information, but sometimes they can help you learn more about yourself. 

Getting more sleep

Sleep is possibly the most important thing for our health. It can affect our mental health and our physical health. It can affect our attitude as well. If you want to be able to get to work on time, you need to go to sleep at a decent time. If you want to help reduce chaos and stress in your life, you need to focus on sticking to a good sleep schedule.

According the Sleep Foundation, we should be getting around 7-9 hours of sleep every night. All that sleep is necessary in order to keep our health well. Even losing an hour or two of sleep a night can have lasting effects. If you are not currently on a sleep schedule, you might want to consider one. Getting on a sleep schedule could help every other resolution become possible!

Learning how to shop and cook 

The average adult in the United States eats about six fast food meals each week. That is around $36 a week just for fast food. That can quickly add up to $1,872 a year! Imagine if you took that money and saved it or spent it on something else. Your paycheck could go further.

In 2020 we all had to learn to flex our culinary skills. Maybe our 2021 goal can be to flex our grocery shopping skills. Do not be afraid to use coupons to save money. You could also learn how to be a smart shopper.

If you are still learning how to be a confident cook in the kitchen, we have some recipe ideas for you. These recipe ideas are so easy they are only three steps! Grab an apron and start saving today.

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