Where Can I Find Net Pay Advance Promo Codes?

Net Pay Advance promo codes: How to get a discount on your next payday loan 

Attention, discount shoppers: Net Pay Advance has discounts for payday loans.

Tell me, are you a discount code snob? Full price isn’t in your vocabulary. Talk coupons, then I’ll be speaking your language. Have I struck a chord now?

You know the drill. Hit checkout, then power on the discount code widgets — Honey, Rakuten, and Capital One Shopping. If a strikeout, type Save20 with fingers crossed. Still nothing? Quick pop over to RetailMeNot and discover … nothing.

By now, you have caught on to the fact that Net Pay Advance doesn’t have promo codes.

Why not? It’s no secret there’s a cost to short-term lending. If you landed here, every dollar counts. We get it. To help keep our costs low, we trimmed our expenses without sacrificing our standards.

Having built our business all online, we don’t have to pay an overhead like other brick-and-mortar payday loan businesses. Plus, our secure verification process ensures we lend to the right people. Each helps us keep the costs of our loans down.

We review our operations and evaluate our prices on a consistent basis. When and where we can trim our costs, we do. Because doing so helps people who need it — what we’re all about.

Just because you won’t find a promo code for Net Pay Advance payday loans doesn’t mean we don’t believe in saving money. Read on to learn about our discount rewards program, and how to score up to 20% of a future payday loan. 

Why Net Pay Advance doesn’t have promo codes

Hear me out. Short-term loan prices may be steep, but the benefit is twofold.

Our prices directly reflect our operating costs. Believe me, it takes a lot to make business run smoothly at the end of the day. What you pay helps us keep the lights on.

Even more important, the price you pay helps us help others. To keep lending, Net Pay Advance has to maintain a positive cash flow to meet the demand. If we had any less money coming in, we might not have the supply necessary to meet the demand. And that’d require us to set limits on who we loan to.

Net Pay Advance was designed to offer payday loans and installment loans to those with less-than-perfect credit. Too many people are plagued by a blip on their credit score, usually the result of one bad mistake.

Traditional lenders might look only at that slip up and devalue otherwise good financial behavior. Our strength is in our ability to provide loans to those who may otherwise be declined for a traditional loan or credit card.

Our philosophy is to help more people live life uninterrupted or burdened by financial stress. And we do this without unnecessary limits on who can get a payday loan.

Does Net Pay Advance have a discount program?  

Net Pay Advance doesn’t have coupon codes.

But that doesn’t mean we’re off-limits to discounts. We believe you should have the chance to earn your own discount, and cash in when you most need it.

Whether a savvy shopper who knows their way around a Save20 promo code, or someone looking to shave a few dollars off their loan, Net Pay Advance has a discount program for you.

How it works: You’ll start with a discount after your first loan. Net Pay Advance gives you small and easy tasks to not only help your experience with us, but build up points for a discount.

To access Net Pay Advance rewards, log in to your account. Click on “Rewards.”

Here you can view your points bank and pending tasks to earn discounts, right this minute. Rewards start with a 5% discount for use on a standard payday loan. A 5% discount is unlocked at 1,000 points, and discounts range up to 20%.

Redeem when you like. Whether early and often, or stashed away for a big discount, you choose. Save up points to unlock a one-time discount up to 20% off.

Getting points is simple. Tasks include taking customer surveys, linking a debit card, and completing an on-time payment. Most of these tasks you already do, or may have done. You’ll receive points automatically without any extra work.

Even more opportunity? You betcha. Earn points for downloading our mobile app and opting in for email communications. Most tasks take just minutes to complete.

You’ll receive points for being a good Net Pay Advance customer.

It’s our way of saying thank you.

Referrals are the easiest way to score a Net Pay Advance discount. Find your unique referral code and share links under the Rewards tab of the customer portal. Share this link, and when someone uses your referral to lend with Net Pay Advance, you’ll get 500 points. And that’ll put you on the fast track to a major discount on your next payday loan.

Points are automatically tallied. No need to worry about any additional work on your end. Simply earn points on eligible promotions, then decide when you’d like to cash in. It’s easier to get a discount with Net Pay Advance’s rewards program.

Plus, we’ll help you get started. Here’s how to easily rack up your first discount:

Hang with us and you’ll see it pays to be with Net Pay Advance.

Lots of points. Lots of opportunity. One awesome rewards program.

Net Pay Advance is a licensed direct payday loan provider, locally owned and operated in Wichita, Kansas. We offer personal loans in the states of California, Texas, and Kansas. Our organization seeks to help individuals rediscover financial independence. At Net Pay Advance, our No. 1 priority is helping you, the customer, get access to the cash you need, quickly. To help you achieve financial success, we’re sharing new content weekly. Stay up on our posts by visiting the Net Pay Advance Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and visit the blog for a full catalog of resources.

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