What to Expect When Getting an Online Payday Loan in California and Texas

What to expect when getting an online payday loan in CA TX blog article image

Net Pay Advance is an online direct lender that operates in California and Texas. Since our business is completely online, customers have access to apply 24/7/365; however, that doesn’t mean that approved applicants will receive their funds 24/7/365.

At the earliest, Net Pay Advance can fund your payday loan the next business day. How can you make sure that you’re getting funds the next business day? Well, first, customers that apply and are approved Monday – Thursday before 5:30 PM PST will receive their funds the following business day. Loans that are approved after 5:30 PM PST will be funded the second business day. For example, Suzy applied and was approved at 7:30 PM PST on a Tuesday. Suzy would receive her funds on Thursday.

Those that apply after 5:30 PM PST on Friday or the weekends, would not receive your funds until the following Monday or Tuesday. Funding is completely dependent on bank operating hours, so, unfortunately, bank holidays delay funding by a day as well. For questions about when you will be funded you can reach out to a customer service representative at 888-942-3320 or [email protected].

All money is deposited directly to your bank account on the day you are funded. Reducing the amount of back and forth that borrowers must do by picking up cash at one location and then depositing it to a bank. The amounts are transferred to your bank account via ACH using the bank account information in your customer profile. Typically, approved applicants can expect to see funds in their account by 10 AM.

Therefore, it’s so important to triple check that your bank account information is correct when completing your online application. Even if we have a valid debit card on file, the accurate bank account information is crucial to getting your funds to you on time. Sending funds to the wrong bank account can delay getting your funds to you by a minimum of four business days. We know that this is really frustrating for a customer that is dependent on this money, but unfortunately, there is no way that we can reduce the amount of time that the ACH return takes. This also applies to return customers that change their bank account information online, make sure what you’re entering is correct.

When your loan is due, we will automatically run your account for the full amount owed, so you don’t miss your payment due date. Texas customers who are looking to rollover or buy down would have to set that up before their due date. As mentioned in previous articles, customers can extend their due date by three days by logging into their account at www.netpayadvance.com and requesting an extension. Friendly reminder that if you choose to extend your due date, you must re-sign contracts to put this into place.

For more information about your loan, visit netpayadvance.com/faq or call our customer service center at 888-942-3320 to speak with one of our highly trained customer service advocates. There are also options to chat on the website or send us an email at [email protected].

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