Doing Things Yourself to Save Money

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Doing things yourself to save money

There are plenty of times where we choose the convenience of purchasing something over saving a little bit of money. At the time a few extra dollars doesn’t seem like much because you are saving time and energy. However, if you cut out the convenient purchase and do it yourself, you can save some money for the future. We came up with five easy ways for you to do it yourself and save some cash!

At home car wash

It can be so easy to just stop by the car wash on your way home from work and pay someone else to wash your car. Instead set aside time over the weekend to wash your car at home! If you have children, this can be a great summer activity for them as well. It is so easy and all you need is a water hose, soap and a couple towels or sponges.

Getting nails done

Doing your own nails seems like a daunting task, so instead of facing it head-on we choose to go to the nail salon. Getting your nails done and maintaining them can get expensive, fast. There are so many at home kits on the market. You will only have to make one purchase to do your nails at home instead of spending money every couple weeks to get them done by someone else.

Date night

If it is with a friend or a significant other, choose a night in instead of going out for dinner or drinks. Often times we go out to eat for the social aspect and forget about how much money we are spending on a night out. Bring the party to your place by making dinner at home.

Frozen dinner

Instead of buying frozen dinner, make them at home! If you make your frozen meals at home, it will be a lot cheaper and even healthier! Make meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer for later use. For tips on meal prepping to help you make frozen dinners at the lowest cost, check out our blog post with our tips and trick to meal prepping.

Plastic water bottles

Although buying plastic water bottles can be somewhat inexpensive, if you are drinking water all day long invest in a reusable water bottle. This will save you money in the long run. A reusable bottle is a one-time purchase that will only cost you around $5-10. You can refill the water bottle anywhere you go, so you will always have water available while saving a couple extra dollars.

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