Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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February is here, and you know what that means – Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away!

For those with significant others or a sweet someone, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to shower them in love and affection and express your appreciation. For everyone else, it’s the best time to get delicious discount chocolate (seriously, head to your local grocery store on the 15th to stock up).

Even though Valentine’s Day is the day of love, this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to celebrate it. There are plenty of ways to spoil your date without hurting your wallet. Here are some ideas!

Five adorable, affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Hidden love notes

All you need for this is some sticky notes (or other small pieces of paper), a pen, and your feelings. Write a handful of short, cute love notes for your significant other and hide them in easy-to-find places. For example, you can write about how much you love the color of their eyes or how much you love spending time with them and then stick the little note in their car, their bathroom, or their wallet – places they spend a lot of time in. Trust us, the smile on their face from the gesture will be more than worth the effort!

Cook together

An easy way to celebrate is to plan for a night in, spent with each other – in the kitchen! Make sure you have ingredients on hand for a shared favorite meal or dessert. Put on some music and help each other put together a delicious date night dinner! Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, you can get quality time out of cleaning up your mess together afterwards, too!


Many florists offer sales and great deals on flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the most classic way to spoil your loved one, you can never go wrong with flowers!

If you don’t want to spend as much on a full bouquet, go for something simple – a single rose. Step up the romance with an included note that says, “you’re my one and only.”

Check out 1-800-Flowers and From You Flowers to find the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to try local shops as well!

All-day date

Plan a day long date! Start with breakfast in bed. Follow up with a walk in the park, complete with a picnic at the end. Go to a museum, do some shopping, take a small road trip to the next town over, or find something exciting to do in your city. End the night with a Redbox movie date and a home cooked meal or tasty takeout.

Or make up your own itinerary! The idea is to have a day filled to the brim with fun. Make it happen and enjoy yourselves!

Mini scrapbook

You might have to get crafty with this one. Gather your supplies: ribbon, tape, glue, stickers, markers, colored paper, and whatever else you might need. Browse these ideas for DIY scrapbooks or come up with your own. Print out your favorite pictures of you and your Valentine. Get to cutting, gluing, and decorating – at the end you’ll have a thoughtful, handmade gift to give. Timeless!

Feel free to mix and match our ideas. Hopefully we helped inspire you for this February 14th.

Happy February and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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