Returning to the Office After WFH? Don’t Panic–Follow These Tips

Is working from the office your new reality?

We’ve got the tips, tricks, and deets from our employees to help ease the transition

2020 was a year we had never anticipated, and it was almost as if we were all living in a sci-fi movie. Prior to Covid, majority of us were working in a traditional office setting. Once the pandemic struck, most companies started operating remotely. We familiarized ourselves with the unknown and acclimatize ourselves with working from home. The resilient human race showed indomitable courage and grit.  

It was a challenge for those of us that had not worked virtually in the past, but we overcame all hurdles and became as efficient as one could be while being physically apart from our work environment and coworkers. We normalized working in sweats and bedhead while mastering virtual mediums of contact. We got to spend more time around the people we live with – family, roommates, partners, spouses, and kids. Our pets got used to having us at home all day. Interactions with the outside world became largely, if not entirely, through screens rather than in person. 

Change of any kind is always scary. But we tucked away our fears and stayed connected at work. Platforms like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others became part of our “new normal”. Now, many of us are facing the possibility of having to return to our offices. 

Although, we’re familiar with working in an office, the shift is bound to trigger feelings and emotions. After months of working remotely, even the thought of being back in an office could be overwhelming. We have compiled a short list of guidelines below to help ensure a smooth transition. They are as follows:  

1. Just breathe  

Sometimes it is as simple as that. It is okay to take a step back before you dive in. Life can get overwhelming from time to time. We live in a fast-paced world. As professionals, we constantly juggle roles, priorities, deadlines, and commitments. Taking a moment to collect your thoughts could be the first step towards achieving a state of calmness and tranquility. Breathing exercises are found to be helpful in stressful situations.

2. Get on a sleep schedule 

This is essential because going back to the office would mean waking up, getting ready, and commuting to work. Gone are the days when you could roll out of bed and clock-in to work. Especially, after a night of binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. Being well-rested and getting ample sleep help you avoid dozing off during meetings and presentations.

3. Upgrade your wardrobe

After a year of working in your comfiest PJs, it could be tricky to put a work outfit together. A good start would be to try on all your work clothes and see what works and what doesn’t. While it might be difficult to give up that baggy shirt for something nicer, there are studies claiming that work wear makes one feel confident and professional. Adding a few pieces to your wardrobe could be a game-changer as you transition back into office life. When you look good, you feel good, and work great!  

4. Always put safety first

This one goes without saying but sadly, it is often overlooked. Vaccinated or not, it is essential to maintain safety guidelines at work. Social distancing, temperature checks, masks, sanitizer, washing hands etc. are all encouraged. Additionally, wiping your workstation with disinfectant wipes is always a good idea. 

5. Spruce up your office/cubicle

Adding a few new pictures, plants, or decor in your cubicle makes it feel like your own. It lends a pleasant and inviting aura to your workspace. Along with visual appeal, it could also help lower anxiety levels. In fact, research says that plants in the office help lower stress and enhance productivity. 

6. Self-care is vital

This one often gets ignored when you find yourself in a conundrum. If your mental and emotional state hinders you from performing your daily tasks, reaching out to a professional is the way to go. Licensed mental health experts can help you deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other conditions.  

7. It’s all in the perspective

No two people can be exactly alike. What sparks interest and excitement in someone might just be what the other needs to fall asleep from boredom. Perspective is everything. There are upsides and downsides to almost every scenario. 

We asked our employees how they felt about transitioning into office life after working remotely for over a year. Here are some tidbits they shared: 

Customer service employees at Net Pay Advance working

“I feel like my work performance has been improved [since working from home]. It is nice to see my co-workers!”  

“I miss not being able to wake up 20 min before work starts. But I do like being back and having actual interactions with coworkers.” 

Employees at Net Pay Advance working

“I am a first-time mom and although I LOVE my Net Pay Advance family, it’s been hard to be back. I am missing my son terribly. I’ve been able to be with him the entire first year of his life. The best part about Net Pay Advance is the FOOD and the People!” 

“I enjoyed the opportunity to be closer to my son while he went through his freshman year of high school as a virtual student. My husband and daughter both liked me being closer and more available to them, as well. And my pets loved me being at home.” 

“Celebrating our victories, accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays just isn’t the same when it’s done online.” 

Employees at Net Pay Advance in the break room

“I love dressing up for work and wasn’t really motivated to do so when I was working from home.” 

“Although I loved working from home, I’m glad to have my work life and home life separated again. My “work desk” was in my bedroom, so I didn’t really get the feeling of leaving work at work even when I was off the clock.” 

 “Now that I’m back, I realize how much I missed being around everyone here.” 

Employees at Net Pay Advance working

At Net Pay Advance, we are thrilled to have our employees back in the office. Our building feels alive as it is bustling with activity. Most of our employees would agree that we have been extremely cautious and practicing safety. We’ve tried to make the transition smooth by accommodating our employees’ various needs. Above all, we try to keep things interesting. 

A direct quote from an insightful employee sums it up the best: 

“My life has been impacted in a very significant way by this past year’s experiences. I’ve been given an understanding of the world we live in that I didn’t have before and have gained a new appreciation for so many things I used to take for granted – like being able to come to work. I’m very fortunate to have a job that’s considered an essential service and to work for a company that is so accommodating to everyone’s individual needs and preferences. So many people I know couldn’t work at all, much less from home. Knowing that what I do for a living is that important speaks volumes to me about the future of our organization.” 

We couldn’t agree more! Have an awesome back-to-workplace transition! 

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