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We told you we were going to continue this series and we’re sticking to our word. Here at Net Pay Advance, we focus on saving money just as much as you do. Our employees use amazing money saving tips and we didn’t want to keep them to ourselves. So, we are sharing them with you!

Keely: “Whenever my daughters and I have a $5 bill, we put it in a box in my dresser drawer. If one of us takes money out, we owe double to pay it back. We use the cash we have saved up for spending money on our annual vacation. We refer to it as our “ATM”.

Jason: “Restrict the number of times you eat out each week, especially for dinner. Making your own lunch is healthier and lower calorie in most cases. It’s easy to save $50-$60 on lunches per month and for me it’s $60 per trip on dinners out.”

Kelsey: “I have a quote that helps me whenever I want to buy something that I don’t really need. “If you can’t afford to buy it twice, you can’t afford it.”

Jonathan: “Be content with what you have. I have honestly saved more money by resisting the urge to buy the latest and greatest stuff that comes out. New phone? No thanks; mine still makes calls. Newest car? Sorry, mine runs and is paid for. And so on. Sometimes, in our rush to get the new, we forget how great (and cheap) what we already have is.”

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