Hot Date Ideas Under $20 ​​​(for when your heart says “yes”, but your wallet says “no”)

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Affordable date ideas

You want to woo your date this weekend with something super romantic, but your wallet is saying that you can’t afford a date. We get it. You should still be able to go on a date, even if your wallet says, “no”.  That’s why we’ve complied a list of 10 hot date ideas that are all under $20. No matter how you or your partner prefer to spend your free time, we have ideas for you. 

We have date ideas for the adventurous, for the out and about, for the home body, for the beer lover, and for the inquisitive. No matter what your idea of a “perfect date” is, we’ve got you covered. All for under $20!

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More cheap date ideas

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Ultimately, if you decide not to go with any of these affordable ideas, and then end up overspending this weekend, don’t fret. For fast cash, you can easily apply at Net Pay Advance

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