Helping the Environment Can Also Help Your Wallet

full dumpster on the beach

Ever see videos on Facebook about being more aware of how much waste we are producing? Just this week I came across one and decided I would do my own research and come up with different ways I can reduce the amount of waste I produce. To my surprise, it is easier than I thought and will save me money in the process!

Reusing plastic containers isn’t so new to me, but I have never done it before and I think there are a lot of people who never think of it. A lot of our food comes in plastic tubs and containers like sour cream, butter and cream cheese. Instead of throwing these containers away, give them a good wash and reuse them as tupper-ware!

Not only can you use plastic containers, but you can also use glass jars like jelly jars. Jelly and pickle jars are perfect to reuse because the lids provide an airtight container for any leftover foods or whatever you choose to put in the jars.

You probably have heard of the reusable bags you can buy at the grocery store, but I bet you haven’t thought of reusing the plastic bags you get at grocery stores. There are many ways to reuse the plastic grocery bags, but one of the best ways to reuse them to save money is by using them as trashcan liners. The bags fit perfectly in smaller trashcans you probably have in your bathrooms, bedrooms and offices. It makes for a much easier clean up and saves you cash.

Things such as egg crate, bubble wrap, tissue paper and many other household items can be reused or saved for later use. Save all the packaging items you have in your house for at home crafts on a rainy or winter day. If you have smaller children and need a cheap way to keep them busy, using packaging items for crafts is perfect.

If you have already cut back on your plastic use but are looking to be more environmentally conscious, try using a compost bucket. Instead of throwing away fruit and vegetable waste, you can put them into a compost bucket. This will lower the amount of waste in landfills and can also help benefit your home soil.

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