From Finding Affordable Childcare to Planning Vacation: Your Family’s Ultimate Guide to Surviving Spring Break

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Spring break ideas for California And Texas 

We’ve sprung forward, the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, and ice cream sales are rising. Spring is here, or at least, it will be here on March 19th, when the season starts. The season of spring brings a lot of things. Spring brings allergies, baby animals, and a break from school. That’s right. It’s Spring Break time.

We’ve sprung forward, the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer, and ice cream sales are rising. Spring is here, or at least, it will be here on March 19th, when the season starts. The season of spring brings a lot of things. Spring brings allergies, baby animals, and a break from school. That’s right. It’s Spring Break time. 

Whether you’re spending Spring Break at work, on vacation, or home with family, we’ve got the best advice for you. Here is our ultimate guide to surviving the nine days of Spring Break. 

Affordables spring break child care options 

Many families decide to stay home for Spring Break. We get it. Most people cannot just leave work for a week-long vacation any time they want. Traveling is expensive and most parents don’t have enough accrued vacation time as it is. For other parents, the expense of child care alone requires a full week of work to pay for it. 

You love your family, and that’s why you’re working. This begs the question though: what do you do with the kids when they don’t have anywhere to go for five days? 

Nanny – sharing

Do you have family or friends with a nanny or babysitter? See if there is an opportunity to nanny-share. See if their nanny or babysitter can watch both of your kids for the whole week. Of course, you’ll have to pay; but it will be less than finding your own caregivers. It also helps if your friend or relative has known this person for years. They’re likely more trustworthy than hiring some random person to watch your kids. If you do not know anyone with a reliable nanny, check You can find a caregiver with specific experience. This site also lets you run a background check on them! 

YMCA spring break camp

Many YMCA and YWCA facilities offer a program for children during the school year. Most of these programs accept kids aged 5-12 and run from 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM. There is a fee; but most parents find that it costs less than most other options. You can enroll your children for a full week or just for a few days. We’re sure prices change from location-to-location. At our local Y, the prices run about $20 per child per day. If you are interested in learning more, contact your local Y. They can walk you through their prices. You’ll also want to sign-up before their program is full. 

Community activities and day camps 

There are often community activities for kids during extended school closings. Check with local libraries, zoos, or museums. They may have a Spring Break camp for the kids. Many of these programs cost money, but it is a great opportunity to compare prices. If you’re not quite sure where to start, you can always run a quick Google search. We found MomsLA with a list of Spring Break camps in the Los Angeles area.  

Scheduling playdates

Do any of your children have friends with a stay-at home parent? If so, it might be time to schedule a playdate or sleepover! Your children will get to have fun at their friend’s house, and you’ll still get to go to work. The best part is that you know your child is with a trusted family-friend. Playdates are free, but they only last for a day or two at the most. A scheduling expert might be able to plan playdates for the whole week with different friends. Realistically, you’ll need to make other arrangements for the other days.  

Ask friends or family

If you have friends or family in the area that can help, ask for help. Drop the kids off with a retired or stay-at-home family member for the week. Or divvy up the break and have them stay with a different relative each day. It’s likely that their relatives want to spend a little time with them while they’re young. If your family members also have full-time work and kids, you can share some of the responsibilities. If they take off one day from work to watch all the kids, you might need to take off one day from work to return the favor.  

The best spring break vacation ideas 

Are you planning on taking a few days or whole week for vacation? Here’s our advice for your time-off with the kids. 

Zoo or aquarium

Consider going to a zoo or aquarium for a whole day. These places tend not to cost an arm and a leg. Often, they have discounts on certain days or certain statuses. Before going, check their website to see what deals they have available. A Thursday may be more affordable, and less busy, than the weekend. 

Local historic sites 

Most local historic sites are free. It usually doesn’t cost to go visit a statue, park, or memorial. Read online before visiting. Some historic sites have a recommended admission price. This means that there is no official cost. They just have a recommended price to help them stay open. Historical sites are a great opportunity for a history lesson. Many of these sites also have a park nearby. Parks are a perfect chance for a super affordable picnic. If you’re not sure where to start looking, you can check out our Texas and California guides. These have a list of free things to do in each state.   

Road trips 

Road trips can be very stressful for a lot of families. Everyone feels cramped, the car is constantly behind schedule, and the driver is stressed. You can improve your family’s road trip experience a few ways. Be sure to bring enough snacks so that everyone feels full. Nothing is worse than being hungry while on a road trip. Make sure the kids have plenty of screens. Kids can watch a streaming service, use a portable DVD player, or play on a handheld game console. Consider finding a beloved young adult audio book. The entire Harry Potter audio book series lasts about 117 hours. A road trip could be the perfect opportunity to start it. Be sure to give yourself a realistic driving schedule, and include plenty of bathroom breaks.  

Affordable travel

Still need more ideas for an affordable Spring Break? Check out this video on affordable places to visit in Texas.  

Do you have good Spring Break advice? Comment below and share.

No matter your family’s Spring Break plans, we still recommend trying to plan a “you” day or evening. Regardless of if you have to schedule vacation, or find child care, Spring Break will likely be stressful for you at some point. Be sure to take time out to go on a date with your spouse, or take a solo trip to the spa or movies. Enjoy some kid-free time and be sure to take a breather from what is sure to be a fun, but overwhelming, week.  

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