Easy Home Workouts to Tone and Strengthen Your Core, Chest, Arms, and Legs

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Let’s stay fit and lose some weight!

You are starting to consider putting a note in the fridge for yourself. You have been eating more food every day either due to stress or boredom. Nonetheless, weight gain has started, and you are wondering how to lose it. We already know that staying active is important for physical and mental health. Today we bring you a list of ways to get in shape at home.

Like most people, you might have a bad back or knee. We will include some alternative ways of doing workouts without injury. These alternatives are easier on the body. They are great for people that are struggling with one exercise. Today’s exercise routine is for beginners. These exercises are rather easy and a great way to just stay in shape and shed a few pounds. We are not here to become a world renown athlete or body builder. Here is a list of eight easy exercises you can do for free at home. No workout equipment required!  

Talk to a healthcare professional about what type of workout is best for you. In our personal experience, we have found success with a mixture of cardio and strength workouts. Other experts agree that a mix of the two different workouts is a good idea. Have kids or a spouse? Encourage them to work out too. When you have a workout buddy, it keeps pressure on both people to work out regularly. It is more likely that you will keep up with this exercise routine. 

Cardio workouts 

Try to do cardio workouts five – seven days a week. Do these in the morning to wake yourself up, during a lunch break, or even at night before dinner. Experts recommend that you get up and move around for at least 30 minutes a day

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Take a jog around the neighborhood one or two times. It really depends on how large your neighborhood is. Want to make it more difficult? You can try jogging around a third time, or even sprinting during the second trip around the neighborhood. Make it easier by walking instead. Going for a run or jog is always a good idea, but walking is also fine.  

woman jump roping while smiling

Jump rope or skip. There is no need to own an expensive jump rope. If the kids have a jump rope that is long enough, try using that. It is also possible to practice skipping without a rope instead. This is an alternative if you do not own a jump rope. Set a time and try to jump rope for about 10 minutes. If you need to stop for a second and catch your breath, that is okay. The idea is just to get the blood pumping 

Strength workouts 

Doing these exercises three – seven days a week can have a great effect on a person’s health. Think about doing these exercises once a day. You could also split the exercises in half and do them twice a day. 

Exercises for arms and shoulders

man doing push ups on track

Push-ups help shoulders, back, chest, and arm muscles.  Lie down on your stomach on the floor. Angle your feet so that the toes and balls of your feet touch the ground. Place both palms down on the floor next to you so that the elbows are bent at about a 90° angle. Keep your face forward. Keep your body in a straight plank position. Push up and breathe outwards. Once the arms are straight, lower your body and breathe inwards. Be sure to keep your body straight and keep looking forward the whole time. Repeat these steps 10 times for one rep. Aim for two – three reps a day. Make this exercise harder by touching your hands together underneath your chest in a diamond shape. Need to make it easier? Try balancing on hands and knees instead of hands and toes. You can even try incline push-ups. Learn how to do both variations here.  

woman using dumbbell to perform back exercise

Lawn mowers help shoulders, chest, back, and arm muscles. Standing up, place your feet so they are just a little further apart than the width of your shoulders. Bend the right knee and lean forward in that direction. Rest your right forearm on top of the right thigh. Hold a weight in your left hand and lower it towards the floor. Keeping your right arm on the right leg, slowly move into an upright position. Twist the torso and pull the weight up to your chest. It should be the same action as if a person was trying to start a lawn mower. Be sure to squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull the weight upwards. Slowly twist your torso back and lower the weight down by the floor. Repeat these steps seven times for one rep. After one rep, switch sides and try the exercise by leaning on your left leg and doing the exercise using your right arm. Aim for two – three reps for each arm, each day. If you have small weights, use them. If you do not own weights, you might need to get creative. Lift a gallon of milk, canned foods, or even a container of laundry detergent. Make this exercise more difficult by lifting more weight. Make this exercise easier by using no weights. 

Exercises for stomach and back

woman performing a sit-up

Crunches improve the stomach. Lie down on your back. Bend your knees and keep the feet touching the floor. Take your hands and either cross them over your chest or bring them to the sides of the head. Use your stomach muscles to bend forward and slowly raise the shoulders off the floor. Exhale as you do this. Lower your shoulders back down to the floor, and inhale. Do not just fall to the floor, keep control of the descent. Repeat these steps 10 times for one rep. Aim for two – three reps a day. Be sure to keep your head steady. Keep looking straight ahead of you rather than trying to pull or flex your head and neck forward.  

woman performing sit-up

Sit-ups help improve stomach, chest, and lower-back muscles. They operate almost the same way that crunches do. The big difference is that you sit up all the way. Repeat these steps 10 times for one rep. Aim for two – three reps a day. Keep looking forward and try not to lead by flexing your head and neck. You also want to make sure you keep a controlled ascent and descent. You can make this exercise easier several ways. Place your feet under a heavy piece of furniture to keep them from raising off the ground. Add a towel or blanket underneath you if the floor is not cushioned. Make this exercise harder by twisting to the right or left as you sit up during the exercise. This helps work more muscles on the sides of the stomach, chest, and back.

Exercises for legs

woman performing a goblet squat with dumbbell

Squats help target the thigh muscles. Make sure your form is correct for squats. If not, you could get hurt and not actually work the right muscles. Keep the legs a little further apart than shoulder width. Hold your hands out in front of you. Sit back like you are about to sit in a chair. Repeat these steps 10 times for one rep. Aim for 3-4 reps a day. Keep the weight on the back of your feet, near the heals. Keep the head looking forward. Keep your knees behind the toes.  

Yoga workouts 

man on beach doing yoga

Stay flexible to help prevent injury. Yoga and stretching are essential to stay in shape and stay flexible. It is okay to be new to yoga. I recommend following this 10-minute video every morning. The speaker’s voice is really calming, and it is just a great way to wake up and start the day. If you do not own a yoga mat, just do these yoga poses on a carpeted floor. The idea is to work somewhere you will not slip and fall. 

The first day of working out is always the worst. Working out gets a little easier every day. Keep up with these exercises for at least two weeks before thinking of giving up. There might be some small weight loss results. For most people, day 14 is easier than day one. For the results to last, you will keep having to work out every day. It is common to feel sore muscles after a workout. However, if during the workout you feel pain, especially on a tendon or joint, then stop doing that exercise. Ask a health professional what you can do differently to avoid getting hurt. With this guide, we hope that you find a new exercise routine that works for you! 

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