Don’t Spook Your Budget Celebrating Halloween This Year

jack-o-lanterns at night

It’s almost the spookiest time of year and for those of you that love to celebrate the Holiday or have children that have been looking forward to this day all year, you know Halloween costs money. The candy, the costumes, the parties, all of these festivities can add up quickly, but that’s why we are here. We have found some creative ways to make sure you get the most out of this Halloween holiday without spooking your cash away.

Creative costumes

Being the best dressed at the party doesn’t always mean that you spent a fortune on what you’re wearing. Halloween costumes are expensive for just one night of use. Instead of going straight to the store, look through your own closet to see what clothes you have that could be put together for a costume. If you’re not able to find anything, talk to friends and/or family about costumes they have and borrow it. If a store is your only option, stay away from the huge Halloween retailers, instead hit up your local DMV or second hand store for lots of options and ideas! You could easily find a costume for under $10.

Potluck party

Always host a Halloween shindig for your friends? This can be expensive. Share the load of the party festivities by encouraging your guests to help out by means of a potluck dinner. Request that all attending guests bring a side dish, appetizer or drink to share with the rest of the party so your grocery list doesn’t cost a fortune. Add further encouragement by making the dinner Halloween-themed. You could even offer a small prize for the “spookiest” dish.

Community candy

Similar to potluck, think about inviting your neighbors over for a one-stop shop for the neighborhood children. Each person attending brings a bag of candy for trick-or-treaters so you aren’t buying a ton of candy yourself. You can mix this with the potluck party for a great Halloween event! If you don’t have the area for trick-or-treaters, then look at local community events that are going on in your area. Churches, schools and other organizations often host fun and safe alternatives to trick-or-treating that are usually less expensive than doing everything yourself.

Post-holiday bargains

Prepare for Halloween 2018 by shopping the post-holiday sales that will start on November 1st. This is a great way to get the costume that you were wanting this year at a much lower cost. Stores will dramatically discount Halloween décor, costumes and candy to make room for Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise. This is your opportunity to get all of the spooky treats that you want, for cheap!

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