Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

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Dryer sheets are, well, used in the drying machine when cleaning clothes. However, you would be surprised at all the different ways you can use them other than for doing the laundry.

Bug repellent

Out of bug spray and want to sit outside at night but don’t want to get eaten by mosquitos? Take one dryer sheet and rub it over your exposed skin. The scent in the sheet will help repel bugs for the night!

Pet hair removal

If you have dogs or cats and they are shedding on your furniture, it can be a challenge to remove all the hair from the furniture. Use a dryer sheet to collect the hair on the fabric. Simply take the sheet and rub it along the places with hair to remove the animal hair to keep your furniture clean.

Shoe freshener

Each time you take your shoes off, put a dryer sheet inside the shoes to keep them smelling fresh and clean. Only replace the sheet once the sheet starts to lose its scent.

Clean dishes

A dryer sheet is perfect for those hard to tackle grime build up on pots and pans. Add some soap and a little bit of water to a pan and use a dryer sheet to help scrape off the food build up. The dryer sheet acts like a scratchy sponge and will take off the food without any trouble.

Iron cleaner

Rub the iron over a dryer sheet or two on low heat to remove any unwanted residue from your iron. It’s really that easy!

Scent diffuser

Instead of buying expensive room scent diffusers, use one dryer sheet. Put a dryer sheet on the inside of your air vent; the air blowing through the sheet will disperse the smell. It will having your room smelling good in no time.


Need to quickly dust your bookshelves? One dryer sheet will do the trick. The sheets collect dust just as good as any duster you would buy at the store.

Reduce static

Static on your hair, clothes or or tights can all be fixed with a dryer sheet! Rub the dryer sheet over the area where static is and get rid of it!

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