Cheap Christmas Gifts People Will Love

christmas gifts in front of christmas tree

Christmas is officially less than a month away, and for those of us who celebrate, this means we have only a few weeks to get our Christmas shopping wrapped up. This time of the year is stressful, on your mind and on your wallet.

However, we have some good news: it is possible to do your shopping without breaking the bank! We came up with some inexpensive gifts that still have value for you to share this holiday season. Check them out for ideas!

1. Personalized letters

Sometimes a gift from the heart is worth more than a gift with monetary value. If you want to save money this Christmas but still have something to give to your loved ones, write a personalized letter for every person on your list. Fill them with anecdotes, words of admiration, and well wishes. Your friends and family will be nothing but glad to receive a gift so sweet!

2. Gift cards

If you aren’t sure what to specifically get someone and also don’t want to spend too much on a gift you’re unsure about, go with a gift card! Think of their favorite stores or restaurants and pick one or two – this way they can treat themselves on your dollar!

3. Kitchen tools

If you’re looking to give someone a useful, practical gift, think kitchen. Do you know someone who spends a lot of time cooking or baking? Pick a unique, more complicated tool. If you know someone who could use a little help in the culinary arts, choose a device that can make their experience in the kitchen easier. After all, everyone needs to eat, so a gift for the kitchen will likely be used and appreciated!

4. Chocolates

Although chocolates are more famously associated with Valentine’s Day, a box of sweets is simple, not costly, and a delicious treat for the receiver. You can’t go wrong with chocolates – they’re the perfect way to spread some cheer for the holidays!

5. Home-baked goods

The Christmas season is the perfect time to get some baking practice in, which means it’s also the perfect time to share your baked goods. Whether its cookies, pies, cakes, or anything else, take it and make it holiday themed for a little bit of added festivity. Then pass it around to your loved ones (and include the recipe for when they want more)!

6. Playlist

Whether written on paper, burned on a CD, or created on Spotify, a playlist put together specifically with one person in mind has all the potential for being a favorite gift. Filling them with party tunes, love ballads, or your favorite songs carefully selected for your loved one makes a gift playlist one of the most thoughtful presents out there.

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