Looking for Entertainment This Independence Day?

woman in field of grass waving flag

The Fourth of July is coming up fast, leaving some of us scrambling last minute for plans. With this holiday falling in the warm summer months, the perfect opportunity for getting out of the house and spending some much needed time in the sun arises. We put together a list of our favorite (and inexpensive!) ideas for having a fun-filled day this Fourth.

1. Plan a picnic

Pack a picnic (we recommend bringing options for sandwiches, chips, an assortment of fruit, lemonade and water, and a sweet treat for the perfect easy, low mess meal) and head to your favorite park – or stay in your yard! – with friends and family. Bring your speakers and a volleyball or other form of activity and enjoy!

2. Put together a block party

Invite your neighbors over to your home for a potluck. Host lunch or dinner and ask everyone to sign up to bring a food or a drink with enough for the whole block to enjoy. For an exciting way to end the party, make bringing fireworks a necessity!

3. Find a firework show

It’s the Fourth of July – finding a fireworks display near you shouldn’t be too difficult. Pack a snack or dessert and head to your nearest firework show to witness the once a year exhibition in the sky.

4. Make a themed craft

With your kids or your friends, do a quick search for red, white, and blue themed crafts – like patriotic banners, wreaths, or lanterns – and spend an afternoon enjoying the company while getting your creativity on.

5. Take a patriotic (or not!) vacation

Want to make your Fourth of July more memorable? Plan a vacation! Take a road trip to historical American landmarks or locations to make the most of your Independence Day, or even just plan a trip to a desired destination and relax.

6. Make festive food

Get out the food dye and icing! Bake star-shaped cookies, design a cake to look like the American flag, make red, white, and blue yogurt pops – the options are endless!

7. Invite family and friends to a fookout

It’s barbecue season. Fire up the grill and have your friends and family come over for a night of delicious food and firework fun.

8. Go boating

Lake day, anyone? Gather your life jackets, sunscreen, and fishing poles and head to the water with your people of choice. Go for a swim, bring water skis, get a tan, or do all the above! Don’t have a lake? The pool and the beach work just as well..

9. Have a movie marathon

Don’t feel like baring the heat? Stay in and watch all your favorite movies, one right after the other. Keep your pajamas on and chill out with a frozen treat.

Hopefully this list gives you an idea of what to do to celebrate this Independence Day! Can’t decide? Feel free to do more than one! Make your day as full as you can and end it with a bang – literally!

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