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Tracking Your Spending - There's an App for That.



Tracking your spending; there's an app for that.


We are living in a day and age where our smart phone is almost an extension of our brain. Send a message, send an email, make a call, check your social accounts, use a calculator, take a picture; the list goes on and on. Have you tried using your smart phone to improve your financial health? I tested some apps that claimed to help me on the road to financial freedom and found the ones with the Net Pay Advance seal of approval. Read further to find out if one of these apps would help you and your wallet out.


Credit Tracker.

The Lending Tree app is modern, user-friendly and helps keep tabs on your financial health. You can view your credit score from industry data (not an actual hard-credit pull) so you can see how your score moves over time. If you’re working on building your credit this is a great way to keep a tab on your credit. Furthermore, the app gives you tips on how you can improve your credit score.

Another great feature on this app is having the ability to track all accounts that affect your credit in one place. Review past payments, check your balance and check credit rates for each particular account.


Account Home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check all your accounts in one place? With the Clarity Money app, you can. This is a free app that is a one stop shop to manage all your bank and credit accounts. Simply create an account and log in to bank accounts to pull transaction history and balances. There is also a budget feature that tracks how much money you can spend per month and per day and how you have kept to those goals. I would recommend this app if you have more than one or two accounts and are hoping to keep a tight grip on them all.


Set it and Save it.

If you’re like most people, making a conscious effort to save money can be difficult. The second difficult thing about savings is not being tempted to take money from your savings account. I discovered the Qapital app was the best solution for both of these problems. Qapital boasts an “automatic” savings approach by setting up “Goals” and “Rules”. For instance, you are trying to save $1000 for a vacation next year and not sure how to get started. Link a spending account to Qapital and set up rules. I like the “round up” rule because it’s never more than $0.99 so it’s small savings just by using your card. I round up all transactions to the nearest dollar and then it’s automatically added to that “Goal”.

The best part of this scenario is that you set it up and you can forget it. Check in on the account every once in a while and you will be shocked at how much just rounding up your purchases add up!


Pain Free Budget.

A lot of people want to set up a budget but get too busy to maintain said budget. That’s where the Level app comes in to help. Connect your accounts and Level subtracts recurring expenses, savings and income to show you how much cash you have on hand. It also categorizes your expenditure so you can see just where you’re spending your cash. Level will go a step further and give you tips where you can reduce spending to increase savings and help you get to financial health!





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