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Net Pay Advance is a legit, trusted payday loan provider

Net Pay Advance is a legit, trusted payday loan provider


Is Net Pay Advance legit? Answers to all your questions

We're speeding up the pay cycle

Our mission is clear.

We’re using secure technology to give you early access to your money.

We’re helping you avoid financial struggle, by providing the money you need.

We’re answering the call. Most people only need $250 to make ends meet. Why make them wait for it? To give everyday people financial peace, we’re taking our secure technology online to put a trusted payday loan provider in every neighborhood in California, Kansas and Texas.

We’ve blended the best qualities of a trusted payday lender and built the best one-stop-shop online for payday loans. With Net Pay Advance, there’s a trusted lender in your neighborhood.

Better borrowing. Better service. Better security.

One click for a better lender.


We're the real deal

We’re real people helping real people.

We mean good customer service. Nobody knows that better than our customers. Word has it, we’re doing pretty good. On Trustpilot, we’re a fan favorite.

Trustpilot is a customer review service. It’s similar to Yelp or Google Reviews. But Trustpilot is different in that it has a verification process. That means real reviews from real customers.

Did we mention we’re kind of a big deal? For one, we have over 6,000 (and counting) 5-star reviews. Plus, we’re also the best-ranked short-term lender on Trustpilot. Those piping hot numbers mean a lot to us. But it’s the honest and unfiltered reviews that drive us to keep going.

We’re blown away by kind words, like these from Maria V., who said “I cannot believe the great customer service this company has and how comfortable they made me feel.” That gives us warm, fuzzy feelings.

We love knowing we’ve made a difference. We were overjoyed to hear from Michelle G., who thanked us for our easy loan process. “Needing emergency dental work I needed an advance from my paycheck and didn’t need the hassle or stress of going anywhere. This was perfect."

And we’re delighted to hear when others find relief with our help. Like with Sabrina C, who gave Net Pay Advance the most perfect shout out. “You have saved my sanity on several occasions and took the stress out of my life with your help.” And from Colleen O., who thanked us “for making life a little easier."

At Net Pay Advance, we celebrate our reviews. Seeing reviews come in reminds us we’re doing what we set out to do — help everyday people. Our customer reviews also help others find peace of mind borrowing. Nobody likes asking for help. But our objective is to make the borrowing process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Everyone should leave with a positive experience. As we cultivate new reviews, we stop and read every single one. Then we ask: How can we do better? Thanks to you, we’re learning and getting better every single day.

Here’s a little more on our Trustpilot score. Trustpilot is designed to help judge the legitimacy of a business. Based on verified customer reviews, Trustpilot awards points for an overall TrustScore. Ours is 4.9 out of 5, making us the top-rated loan company on Trustpilot.

  • Is Net Pay Advance reputable?
    Yes, Net Pay Advance is reputable. Since 2007, Net Pay Advance has serviced millions in personal loans to everyday people. Our stellar reputation is backed by nearly 7,000 verified user reviews on Trustpilot. Of those, over 92% have rated 5-stars. We’re confident in our service. So we let authentic reviews from real people do the talking. That’s how we became the highest-ranked short-term lender on Trustpilot.
  • Can I trust Net Pay Advance?
    Yes, you can trust Net Pay Advance. Thousands every day trust Net Pay Advance for real and secure lending. Our customers benefit from peace-of-mind with our secure compliance standards, live customer support staff, and thousands of verified reviews.
  • How does Net Pay Advance use Trustpilot?
    We like reviews. We’ve emblazoned our Trustpilot reviews on our website, giving customers a chance to learn about us and giving others a space to leave feedback as well. Jason Largent, our director of operations, added that we extend an invitation for customers to leave a review after finalizing a transaction with us. With positive reviews, we’re able to grow our community. Less than satisfactory reviews are an opportunity to learn. “It’s not my philosophy to convince a customer that they’re wrong,” Jason said. We reach out to anyone who is less than satisfied and strive to correct the issue and build a positive relationship. We stay focused on always improving.
  • What is the best online payday loan?
    Net Pay Advance is the preferred online payday loan provider, recommended with 6,000-plus five-star reviews. Our customers are quite satisfied with our top-notch customer service and user-friendly loan application.
  • Does Net Pay Advance have a promo code?
    Net Pay Advance does not have coupon codes. Instead, Net Pay Advance rewards discounts to customers who routinely work with us. We provide our customers a rewards program loaded with points and discounts redeemable at Net Pay Advance. Valued customers may earn discounts up to 20% off a future loan with Net Pay Advance rewards.


We're with you where you are  

We’re in your neighborhood.

Find us from your couch. From the gym. Or at work.

Or even on the go. Net Pay Advance is with you where you’re at. 

We’ve built our business online. We did this to help as many people as possible. Every day, we’re doing more to keep the process accessible to anyone who needs it, while keeping you safe. 

Today, we’re not only online. We’re on your phone. With the Net Pay Advance app, you can apply, make payments, and change your due date — always available at your fingertips.

You can use us and get the same great service (if not, better) than a traditional brick-and-mortar payday lender. Not to knock those providers, but you might not know what you’re getting with them. We’re secure and trusted.

Our application process takes just minutes, and approvals happen in about 15 minutes or less. We’ll deposit you the funds in one business day — usually an hour or two after you wake up in the morning. That’s fast, convenient, and simple. That’s borrowing better.



  • Is Net Pay Advance legit?
    Yes, Net Pay Advance is a legitimate business. Since 2007, Net Pay Advance has provided cash assistance through payday loans. Our company is state-licensed in California, Kansas, and Texas. Plus, we’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, where we have an A rating.  
  • Is Net Pay Advance a real business?
    Yes, Net Pay Advance is a real business. Founded in 2007 by President Brian J. Staver, Net Pay Advance exists to help everyday people maintain financial independence through loan assistance. Our company employs over 50 people. We’re housed in Wichita, Kansas. 
  • Is Net Pay Advance BBB accredited?
    Absolutely, Net Pay Advance is backed by the Better Business Bureau. Not only are we accredited by the BBB. We have an A rating with the BBB.
  • Where is Net Pay Advance located?
    Net Pay Advance has offices in Wichita, Kansas. Net Pay Advance is licensed to operate in California, Kansas, and Texas. Our team of real people is accessible by phone or live chat, Monday through Saturday. Net Pay Advance does not have physical locations, but our services are consistent (a little bit better, we think) with other lenders.
  • Where can I find a payday loan near me?
    Net Pay Advance is in your neighborhood. While we don’t have physical locations, our services are accessible online from anywhere. We’re licensed to lend in California, Kansas, and Texas. Net Pay Advance has all the benefits of a traditional brick-and-mortar, plus better convenience. With Net Pay Advance, there’s no necessary drive to a brick-and-mortar location. Instead, log in online to Net Pay Advance, and have access to your funds the next day.


We're safe with your information

At Net Pay Advance, we’ve set out to make borrowing simple and secure. 

Trust isn’t something you give away. Trust is earned. So we take extra steps to secure your information and earn your trust. Security is at the center of everything we do. 

We have equipped our systems with best-in-class security software to keep all customer information private. Unlike other lenders, we don’t share your information. Some lenders like to sell your information to the highest bidder, but that’s not our game. 

Our organization goes beyond compliance standards, running system checks hourly, daily, and weekly. The other guys don’t do this.

  • Is Net Pay Advance safe to use?
    Of course, Net Pay Advance is safe to use. Our trained and experienced staff uses premier security software to keep your information with us and nobody else. To keep your information safe and out of the wrong hands, Net Pay Advance maintains compliance standards beyond what’s required for licensed loan providers. Furthermore, our development staff is trained and educated weekly on coding practices. Our system is sophisticated to keep information safe, while still easy for customers to navigate. 
  • Is Net Pay Advance a scam?
    No, Net Pay Advance is not a scam. Net Pay Advance is a direct loan provider licensed in California, Kansas, and Texas. Our loan services are compliant with all state guidelines and regulations. Net Pay Advance is also equipped with best-in-class security software that keeps all customer information secure and private. With Net Pay Advance, your information stays secure with us. Furthermore, we don’t share your information with anyone else.
  • Is Net Pay Advance secure?
    Net Pay Advance retains your information in our safe and secure system, and out of harm’s reach. Using a secure and trusted direct lender like Net Pay Advance keeps your personal information with us. There are unlicensed, indirect lenders out there who could forward your personal information out to several loan agencies. We don’t do that. Net Pay Advance will only ask for the bare minimum of your personal information. Then, your information stays with us and only us.
  • How does Net Pay Advance store my information?
    Net Pay Advance stores customer information safely in a private database. Our organization goes above compliance standards, ensuring maximum security for all private information. Here’s a taste of what that looks like. When the standard is to monitor security weekly, we monitor hourly. When the standard is to check for vulnerabilities quarterly, we do so weekly. When the standard is 128-bit encryption, we use 256-bit encryption. All debit card information and password information is encrypted, ensuring best-in-class security.


FAQ — We have the answers to your payday loan questions 

Net Pay Advance is the simplest and fastest payday loan provider online. Every day, we’re helping simplify the borrowing process and get money in the hands of people who need it.

When Wes J. needed extra money before payday, Net Pay Advance was there. “The process literally took 5 minutes to apply, (I) was approved 15 minutes later, and received funding the next day." 

Loan applications are simple, and require no credit check. Net Pay Advance customer Jordynne knows all about that. She said that we’re “great at giving chances to those who have made mistakes in the past but now want to make good on their loans ..."

Join the thousands who have found the better lender. Apply comfortably with Net Pay Advance.

One click for a better lender.

Are payday loans safe? Yes, payday loans are a safe way to borrow money. Not only is Net Pay Advance a responsible option for borrowing money, we’re also a safer alternative. Net Pay Advance adheres to regulatory compliance standards at the state and federal levels to keep you safe from harm. We abide by set protections and lend you what you can cover, all to help safeguard you from debt.

What is the safest payday loan company? Net Pay Advance is among the safest in the industry for an online payday loan. Our organization goes above industry compliance standards to ensure the highest quality of safety. Online payday loan transactions from Net Pay Advance are secured with a multistage, 256-bit encryption.

Can I get a payday loan with bad credit? Yes, you can get a payday loan with bad credit. You can get a payday loan with no credit. Net Pay Advance recognizes that a number of Americans have poor credit. To us, a credit score doesn’t matter. Net Pay Advance provides cash assistance through an online payday loan with no credit check required.

Apply for a payday loan with no credit check, today.


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